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Asset Finance & Rental Options

  • Equipment financed and rented to customers. Sale and leaseback or operational lease contracts.
  • Assets bought and rented to customers or finance arranged on customers’ requirements to free up cash flow for customer on a monthly rental.

Recruitment & Placement Staff

  • We have access to wide range of skilled accountants.
  • Recruitment of staff on our customers’ requirement and the successful placement of that staff save our clients time and money.


  • Cost effective management of your payroll data.
  • Our system and processing will ensure you comply with the requirements of the Labour Act and relevant taxes.
  • We ensure all employees are paid accurately and timely.
  • Our systems ensure the correct deductions and timely submission. Proper leave management, calculation of statutory liabilities like PAYE, SDL & UIF and IRP5 certificates and PAYE reconciliations.
  • Payslips are made available manually or electronically on time.

General Accounting

  • Our team of expert accountants will ensure your accounts are kept up to date and fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

Statutory and Secretarial Records

  • Registration of companies and trusts, and the maintenance of up to date information for these entitites.

Individuals’ Tax & Accounting

  • Helping individuals and smaller ventures with the tax calculations for preliminary tax (IRP6) and yearly submission of tax return (IT12) to SARS.

Tax Registration

  • Ensuring that you comply with all the rules and regulations of South African law is critical to your business. With our experience in the field of tax we can ensure smooth registration of all tax group for your business, including:
    • PAYE
    • SDL
    • UIF
    • Income Tax
    • VAT (Value Added Tax)
    • Provisional Tax
  • All necessary calculations and reconciliations can be managed by our team.

Asset Management

  • Movable & immovable asset registers compliant to the prevailing accounting standards
  • Asset verification and barcoding using mobile applications (paperless and real-time)
  • Development of planning tools:
    • Asset Management Improvement Plan (AMIP),
    • Lifecycle Asset Management Plans (AMP’s)
  • Asset management software & development
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) services for spatial analysis
  • Provisional Tax